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Freediving Gear

Interested in freediving gear? A beginner looking for your first wetsuit, fins and mask setup? Or a seasoned veteran who wants to see what other choices you have? Look no further than our freediving gear discovery tools. We have the biggest catalogue of freediving gear anywhere online so that you can more easily find the gear thats right for you.

We are so happy and proud to announce that for 2018, we will be launching the worlds first ever Freedive and Skinder based underwater photography competition, Freedive & Skindiver Underwater Ph

Water cools down much slower than air, which includes the sea, so that means that even in autumn, the water and ocean around you may actually be at it's warmest for the year.

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Téorum is a new French ready-to-wear company made by divers, for divers.

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We don’t often equate freediving with ordinary sports. While it’s certainly an athletic activity in many respects, it’s not something we associate with popular athletes and competitions.