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A wise man once told me, the first rule of freediving has nothing to do with technique, training, or even safety. No. The most important thing is Always Look Good, which is the main reason we created this section of the freedive-earth website dedicated to the latest and greatest in equipment design. You'll find comprehensive reviews and tests of everything from freediving buoys to monofins by some of the best in the business. Nothing says "badass" like home-made freediving equipment either, and you'll find articles and videos here on everything from how to make your own neck weight to how to repair your wetsuit.

We are so happy and proud to announce that for 2018, we will be launching the worlds first ever Freedive and Skinder based underwater photography competition, Freedive & Skindiver Underwater Ph

Water cools down much slower than air, which includes the sea, so that means that even in autumn, the water and ocean around you may actually be at it's warmest for the year.

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First look at this ultra-sleek and modern neckweight packaging from SUBMIND Freediving.  Who knew freediving gear could look so good?

A while ago, we caught up with SUBMIND founder Matthias Bruno and he told us about his new line of freediving gear, made

If your new year's resolution was to read more (and even if it wasn't!), we highly recommend the new freediving book,