Freedivers are officially some of the coolest people in the world. Not only does freediving attract people with a sense of fun, a love of nature and a passion for the water, it also draws people with purpose, depth and determination. In our interviews section we talk directly to some of the biggest names in freediving, teasing out the truth behind those long stares and enigmatic phrases about "finding yourself underwater" as well as coaxing out secret training tips, tricks and philosophies for success in life, as well as in the water.

At Freedive-Earth, we have met with Donny McFarlane who launched The Freedive Café Podcast: 


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As one of the World’s deepest women, the UKs Sara Campbell knows a thing or two about success.

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At Freedive-Earth, we recently met and interviewed Christian Nicoll who recently opened a school in the wonderful country of Timor-leste.

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For a while now we've been working with Freediving World Champion Sara Campbell in support of her wonderful new series introducing