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Freediving lends itself to beautiful photography like no other sport in the world. The element of water allows photographers to capture images that dazzle the eye and defy explanation. Featuring work from internationally renowned artists like Fred Boyle and Daan Verhoeven, as well as the wider Freedive-Earth community, you'll find everything here from seascapes to underwater selfies.

We are so happy and proud to announce that for 2018, we will be launching the worlds first ever Freedive and Skinder based underwater photography competition, Freedive & Skindiver Underwater Ph

Going deep...behind the lens


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We’re only one week away from the first edition of the Blue Element Freediving competition. Athletes are currently in training mode and getting ready for the November 4th start. Mark your calendars!

Dominica has perfect conditions for freediving

Organized by Jonathan Sunnex aka “Jonny Deep”,  and Sofia Gomez Uribe, the competition is held in Dominica, located in the Caribbean.  The location boasts crystal clear water, warm water temperatures and a lot of depth, and even better, the best diving locations are close to shore.








Last year we saw a new underwater photography competition start called In Water Photographer of the Year.

Here at Freedive-Earth we're always on the lookout for great underwater photography.  I mean, who doesn't want to see beautiful images of underwater creatures and critters?

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