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Physiology of Freediving

For many people, one of the major attractions of Freediving is its technical aspects. The human body is adapted for breath-hold diving in so many miraculous ways that, once you start looking, it's not hard to believe that this is something we're absolutely meant to do. Freediving physiology is a fascinating subject, and a growing area of interest amongst the scientific community. More importantly, a solid understanding of mechanisms like the mammalian dive reflex, Boyle's Law and Archimedes' principle is essential for anyone interested in improving their breath-hold and freediving ability. Here at Freedive-Earth we take contributions from medical professionals and scientists which are freely available to you.

Since the death of Nicholas Mevoli in 2013, the Freediving community has been searching for ways to accurately predict a Freediver’s risk of significant injury during competi

I first came across this question from by a very organised, very talented level 2 student (German, naturally) who not only wanted to know exactly why he felt much better on the ascent, but

We’ve all been there. (Right?

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Erika Schagatay, Swedish professor of environmental physiology, is not your average scientist.

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We all know the story. Fat greek man jumps into the bath, gets excited, runs naked down the road shouting something odd, but strangely catchy….

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