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From the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis to the Frenzel-Fattah Mouthfill Technique, Freediving is alive with interesting theories, ideas and approaches to the underwater world that most people would never even think of thinking about. You'll find a wealth of resources here that explore the weird and wonderful world of human aquatic potential.

We don’t often equate freediving with ordinary sports. While it’s certainly an athletic activity in many respects, it’s not something we associate with popular athletes and competitions.

Hi there Freedivers and welcome to this brand new update from Dr Otter’s riverbank freediving laboratory.

I’ve often been told (usually, I’ll admit, by coaches of "a certain age") that, unlike - say - football, where any professional over the age of 30 is getting seriously long in the tooth, freedivers

I first came across this question from by a very organised, very talented level 2 student (German, naturally) who not only wanted to know exactly why he felt much better on the ascent, but