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Who's Who

For many people, it's the characters in the sport of freediving that bring it to life. From the legendary rivalry between Jaques Mayol and Enzo Majorca depicted in Luc Besson's Le Grand Bleu through modern day heroes like Umberto Pellizari, Herbert Nitsch and the late Natalia Molchanova to the charismatic Guillaume Néry and enigmatic William Trubridge, there are a wealth of unusual and often outrageous individuals who are drawn to the water. Here you'll find interviews with and articles about some of the remarkable people who have shaped the history of freediving and continue to shape it into the future.

30 Minutes with Dynamic No Fins World Record Holder Mateusz Malina

 Sheltering from the wind in the dark behind a bush outside Rowdy Boys bar and grill, you could be forgiven for thinking that the 4 times world record holder and legend of the freediving world woul

30 Minutes With... Johnny Sunnex, Head of Safety at Suunto Vertical Blue 2014