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National record

We’re only one week away from the first edition of the Blue Element Freediving competition. Athletes are currently in training mode and getting ready for the November 4th start. Mark your calendars!

Dominica has perfect conditions for freediving

Organized by Jonathan Sunnex aka “Jonny Deep”,  and Sofia Gomez Uribe, the competition is held in Dominica, located in the Caribbean.  The location boasts crystal clear water, warm water temperatures and a lot of depth, and even better, the best diving locations are close to shore.








It has been 3 exiciting days at the Nirvana Oceanquest AIDA freediving competition on the island of San Andres, Colombia.

Well, it’s a small one this year isn’t it?

Nice day with a 92M CNF for William Trubridge and few national records at Vertical Blue 20

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Vertical Blue 2015, a 1st day with few national records set at the competition held in the Bahamas, Blue Hole.

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