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Australian depth championship freediving competition

The Australian depth national Championship was held on the wonderful island of Bali in Indonesia.

During this competition, there were two new national records with white card and a new world record attempt:

  • David Mullins tried to set a new world record in CWT with a dive to 129M, unfortunately he turned early at 113/114M.
  • Stanley Sradaputa from Indonesia, for a 49M CNF national record 
  • Viktor from Ukraine with a 76M FIM National Record

Here are the overall results of the competition:

Congratulations to the winners of the Australian Depth National Championship, Amber Bourke and Michael Bates!

New Ukrainian National record in FIM for Viktor Reshetniak

Viktor Reshetniak, Ukrainian freediving instructor at freedivegili in Indonesia, set a new national record with a 76M FIM.

Our friend Toby, who was also competing, had a quick interview on behalf of Freedive-Earth with Viktor:

T: So Viktor how was the dive:

V: I’m still not happy with my equalisation but coming up was surprisingly easy. After a few pulls I could see the safeties so the competition line was really good.

T: How does it feel to have a national record?

V: Yeah it's okay. It's something I guess, it’s still shallow though. I messed up 2 dives so it's good to have a white card to finish with.

T: What inspires you?

V: I just like it you know, the feelings are nice.

T: Is there more to come?

V: I hope so.

Good job guys, and a special congrats to my friend Viktor for his new National record ;)

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