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Back on freediving training with Sara Campbell

This is the month we start tapering our training, packing away our fins and dusting off our nose clips - and getting down to some serious dry training. What better time than to pick up with Sara Campbell and her online Yoga for Freediving training courses, and her latest release, Energy Beyond Breath


Sara Campbell, world champion freediver, four-times world record holder, and Kundalini yoga teacher today launches the third in her six-part online Yoga for Freediving training programme, Energy Beyond Breath. This course is essential not only for longer, deeper dives, but will also reveal yogic secrets to greater vitality and energy over all.

Energy Beyond Breath takes us into the science and beliefs behind pranayama. Pranayama goes beyond breathing exercises; it is the technology that allows us to control and direct the life force energy within us. This is hugely powerful, and a concept that lies behind all successful sports-psychology methods – identifying the ‘flow-state’ and how to get into it. (credit Sara Campbell).

What is Pranayama?

 Videos contained in this course are:

  1. Nadi Cleansing : this pranayama is simple, yet powerful and effective. In order for our energy to flow, the channels that carry it need to be clear – these channels are called ‘nadis’, this exercise opens them up and clears out all the gunk
  2. Create and Conserve Pranic Energy : one of Sara’s favourite kriyas, this targets our management of prana both on the physical, anatomical level through balancing the thyroid activity, but also on the energetic level by balancing our thought patterns by teaching us to trust and surrender
  3. Connect with the Source of Infinite Energy : a challenging pranayama-based meditation that energises our connection with the Universe, our navel point – the subtle umbilical cord through which Mother Nature continues to nourish us
  4. Long Ek Ong Kars : one of the most powerful meditations, practiced every day by thousands of yogis, it systematically wakes up the Kundalini energy, our life-force. Through visualisation and control of the bhandas, we energise our main nadi, Sushumna, balance our energy, and strengthen our aura to protect us from negative or depleting energy 
  5. Yoga Nidra : this is a yogic form of self-hypnosis, whereby through a guided visualisation, you systematically relax and energise your body. This version is designed specifically for the needs of freedivers.

You will also receive the 22 FREE How To videos (another two hours) which explain the basic exercises, yogic and freedive techniques and terminology throughout this programme.

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