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Catching up with SUBMIND Freediving

When we first came across Matthias Bruno’s brainchild, SUBMIND Freediving, we were immediately intrigued by his story.  It’s one that rings familiar to so many: quitting your job in favor of pursuing your passion.  So many of us are sitting at our desks, at our day jobs dreaming of another life, but for Matthias, his dream is coming true. 

During Le Salon de la Plongee, held this weekend in Paris, we got a chance to catch up with the founder of SUBMIND and pick his brain about this new venture and what he envisions for the future.

Hi Matthias, thanks for speaking with us.  So you are the founder of SUBMIND Freediving. Can you tell us a little more about it?  

SUBMIND is a new brand dedicated to freediving. We are designing innovative gear to increase comfort, safety, and fun for freedivers. We are also planning on launching some sportswear.

What is your background? How did you discover freediving?

I’m a junior electrical engineer and I’ve worked in a nuclear power plant for 3 years. My first freediving experience was when I was a child. My father had a sailboat and I was trying to freedive to the anchor. After that, I learned to scuba, the same way I was practicing freediving with my brother. At this time, I didn’t know schools for this kind of thing existed. I was just looking at videos on YouTube and trying to do the same whenever I got in the water. Around 2010 I found a club and I began to really learn how to freedive properly.

What makes SUBMIND special?

SUBMIND is designed for freedivers by freedivers. We want to improve safety, comfort, and style. We’re so fed up with Scotch tape! We are working with product designers and textile experts to create a high quality product. All of our products are handmade and manufactured in France by our artisans. SUBMIND wants to break the rules of the black wetsuit because our sport is so cool!

Who is your target audience?

Our customer is the passionate freediver, the person who loves to glide underwater. We’re not solely focused on the competitor or record holder, but also those who just love being in the water recreationally. Our product is for the freediver who wants to be cool have fun in this sport.

You launched your products in Paris during the dive show, how did it go?

In Paris we presented two technical products, a neck weight and a wetsuit, and a sportswear range. For the neck weight, it’s designed to be comfortable. This product is very easy to use in DYN or for deep diving. We have different sizes and weights and it is possible to add up to 1kg more than the initial weight. 

We also launched two different wetsuits: one for deep diving and another one for STA.

  • Our depth model is designed in two cuts, one for men and one for women. It uses the best Yamamoto neoprene, the rubber #45. It's very light and has a lot of stretch to it. For the inside, we use a soft and stretchy lycra. The wetsuit is easy to wear, dry or wet, and very comfortable. The outside of the suit uses the SCS metal technology of Yamamoto neo. The external surface of the suit is completely hydrophobic- it makes gliding underwater amazing. Additionally, we have a titanium treatment on the rubber. This increases the thermic propriety of the suit which makes it like a survival blanket. And at SUBMIND we have numerical printer technologies so we can print anything we want on the suit. For now, we will offer this suit in standard sizes and with two different styles: Whale Shark Skin and Deep Skin. We are also working to create a completely customized wetsuit: tailor, look, and color.  

  • The STA model is designed with Alain Richioud, the former STA French champion. The model use the same quality of neoprene (#45) and the suit is preformed in the natural position of the body when you're practicing static. There is no hood and no beaver tail, the suit is designed to increase comfort during the STA experience and protect the immersion reflex. We're in the early stages of designing this one, it is still a prototype that we need to work on a little bit more.

What is the next step for you?

The next step for SUBMIND will be to start a preorder campaign with a crowdfunding website. We are going to launch this in a month. We will really need all the support of freedivers in this adventure.

Excited to see more of what SUBMIND has to offer in the future.  Good luck, Matthias!

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