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Coming Soon: Momentum

Here's something to add to the calendar for this June; the premiere of the film Momentum. Its premise is simple: 16 of the world's elite freedivers are brought together to provide an in-depth and eye-opening look into the beauty, danger, and above all, the freedom of diving below the ocean's surface. Among the stars of the film are well-known names such as Maiorca, Pelizzari, Zuccari, Carrera, Nery, Streeter, Molchanova, Molchanov, Chapouie, Molinari, Fokuda, Saenz De Santamaria, Coste and many others. With such heavyweights, the movie is bound to impress water men and women alike, and even open up the eyes of the few skeptics out there. Momentum will premiere in Rome in June 2016, and we for one cannot wait to see the full product. For more information and to stay up to date on any news and release information, you can subscribe on their website here.

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