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Entry Open for the In Water Photographer of the Year Photography Competition

A new yearly awards competition aimed at those in to photography, under, in and on the water. In Water Photographer of the Year is brand new this year and it's about time we think that a competition like this has come around.

Do you take photographs when training or diving deep, if so, this competition is for you! You can be the best In Water Photographer of the Year for 2015, all you have to do is enter.

Here at Freedive Earth we really appreciate the minimalist approach to pretty much everything we do and that goes for underwater photography competitions as well. Whenever we go out training, most of us if not all with have an underwater camera in hand of some form. Others take it to the next level and pursue underwater photography as a hobby that is just as important as freediving and diving on one breath is. With this, we are seeing more and more underwater based photographs and they're spectacular. Some freedivers really hit home and portray what freediving is about with their underwater photography. Just like one of the judges of the competition www.27mm.net who takes spectacular photographs whilst holding their breath.

So what is it about? Well, it's just you, the camera and water, thats it, stripped back to basics. We're seeing this type of photography grow and grow through freediving, spearfishing, outdoor swimming, snorkeling and many other types of water sports, such as surfing. People are taking smaller cameras out with them and capturing incredible moments. Images that you would just not be able to get whilst scuba diving. These are raw, exhilirating and often breath taking photos captured by the people enjoying what they do in water and with the minimal amount of gear.

You can get involved over at www.inwaterphotographeroftheyear.com and submit 3, 8 or 20 of your photographs taken this year to any of the 20 categories available in the competition.

Deadline is the end of December 2015.

It's also great to see that some of the proceeds towards the competition will go towards Sea Shepherd Conservation.

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