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Exclusive! Freediving Mind-Gremlins Captured in the Wild!

We all feel a bit Schizophrenic now and again and most of us, especially those involved in deep diving, will have struggled at one time or another with some mental gremlins. Here at freedive-earth we’re committed to bringing you the latest in up-to-the minute anatomical research and we’re delighted to announce that, after years of painstaking experiments on unwitting interns, our top-brass scientists have finally managed to locate, isolate and dissect out these gremlins for your viewing pleasure.

The fact that we’ve been able to identify these mental mischief-makers makes sense because, according to the teachings of Kundalini Yoga (which we’ve been learning recently from former world champion Sara Campbell), each of us has not one, but three minds. Knowing this, and being aware of the nature of the three minds goes a long way to explaining some of the difficulties we face in reaching our goals, as well as helping us to see what we can do to overcome these challenges. 

Each of the minds has strong and weak manifestations and the key to freediving success is in finding a state of balance between them.

Let’s meet the three minds:


  • Positive Mind for freediving


Positive mind is a bit like that annoying person at work who thinks they’re great and won’t shut up about it. Yes, there are times when you need a lift, need to smile at something that might otherwise get you down, or need to believe in yourself… but seriously?! All the time?!

 For Freedivers, a balanced Positive Mind is important in giving you the energy and the will to train, as well as the self-belief to take on challenges that might seem insurmountable. But, when overly strong, positive mind can also push you into dangerous situations, thinking that you can easily handle them, or make it difficult to slow down and take stock of what you need to do to move on.


  • Negative Mind for freediving



Part “Safety Steve”, part quivering blancmange of self-doubt, Negative Mind is extra-sensitive to all those criticisms that we face in every-day life. When we feel ugly, useless or worried for no apparent reason, it’s the strong Negative Mind we need to thank for it. Weak negative mind, on the other hand, can lead us to be reckless.

 For Freedivers, Negative Mind plays an important role in keeping us safe - causing us to turn for the surface when something doesn’t feel right, or to say to ourselves… “actually nah, I’m not going to try do that depth today, I don’t feel up to it”. For competitive divers, though, Negative Mind can be a real obstacle; something like dragging your obese great Aunt down to 65m with you on your back. If you find yourself feeling frightened, or turning early on every dive, it’s likely that Negative Mind (not to mention that Aunt of yours) needs a word in her ear.


  • Neutral Mind for freediving

Something like the mental love-child of Mahatma Ghandi and Jeff “The Dude” Bridges, Neutral mind is not only ultra rational but also really, really chilled. I mean, seriously, he makes your average zen master look like a two year old on stimulants. He’ll thoroughly weigh up the reality of a situation without emotion, and put the brakes on any impulses that are unhelpful or too extreme.

 Neutral mind can be a calming influence for Freedivers and and an effective balance point between the other two minds in our everyday lives. Just don’t expect him to be top of the party invitations list.


 Learn more about the three minds with Sara Campbell’s brand new series “Manage Your Mind”, available now, right here.


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