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Freedive-Earth meet Kate Middleton NZ record holder

Nestled out the back of the Freedive Gili shop, on the tiny Indonesian island of Gili Trawangan, the shala at Gili Yoga is one of the single most peaceful, most beautiful places I have ever been. Its owner, New Zealand Record Holder Kate Middleton is in no small part responsible for the atmosphere of this place. Six nights a week for about 9 months of the year you'll find her here teaching.

Kate's unique approach to yoga, developed through years of personal practise, is a refreshing blend of deep, unashamed, spiritual connection and pure unadulterated fun. As a student here in 2013-14 I learned more about myself, laughed more and cried more than I have at any other period in my life. They're now (justifiably) proud to announce the introduction of Gili Trawangan's first yoga teacher training course. Go on, get on it!

Two weeks ago, Kate and I met up again in her adoptive homeland, New Zealand. This is what happened:


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