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Freediving training and performance with Sara Campbell


31 st March 2017, Training & Performance is the fourth course in Sara Campbell’s amazing Yoga for Freediving online training program. Training & Performance reveals how understanding your body and the natural laws of adaptation will help you create a training schedule and strategy which gives you optimal progression without going into over-training or experiencing injury. In short, this course shows you the fastest and safest way to expand your potential in the water.

  • Smarter: use the natural wisdom of your body to work at the optimal level for you
  • Safer: smart training leads to less stress, less injury, less black-outs, lessset-backs
  • Faster: safe training avoids injury and over-training (set-backs) so that you ensure a smooth and steady progression

World champion freediver, four-times world record holder, and Kundalini yoga Teacher, Sara Campbell, shocked the world by setting her first three world records in three days, with just nine months in the sport. Integration of yoga and meditation practice and applying spiritual principles to her diving were her secret. Training &Performance brings six more incredible, highly professional videos (two and a half hours of unique content) to help you understand the mystery of your body, and gain mastery of your mind, and to help you blast through your mental barriers,  while respecting the physical integrity and health of your body.

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Freediving Training and Performance with Sara Campbell


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