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Half way through the blue element freediving competition

This is half way through the Blue Element Freediving competition on the Island Dominica.

Everything is running smoothly in Dominica for the first edition of the Blue Element Freediving competition, organized by the one and only Jonathan Sunnex and Sofia Gomez Uribe. 

Plenty of White cards and national records for our Athletes already:

  • Sophie Jacquin from France set a new national record, CNF 55M and did a solid CWT dive to 80 meters the third day. 
  • Adam Stern from Australia did an amazing dive to 104M in CWT on the 3rd day of the competition. He is 2 meters away from current national record of 106 meters, held by Walter Steyn at Vertical Blue 2011.
  • Sofia Gomez Uribe, from Colombia, set an unofficial world record in Bi-fins with a dive to 83m, She came back from her dive really clean and with a big smile followed by her surface protocol.
  • British Dean Chaouche, who trains and teaches in Deans Blue Hole, Bahamas with William Trubridge, set a new UK record in CNF 78M.
  • Johanna Loch-Allen from Barbados, in her first competition, completed a FIM to 50M and a CWT to 46M.
  • Helena Beninger from Austria with a FIM to 54M.
  • Cuban Rosibel Monila, current national record holder did a FIM dive to 52M.

This competition only half way through has already been a massive success. Having top quality Athletes putting in Solid dives, a tight unit of a safety team who have been going non-stop with training to provide the best support on comp days and of course the organisers who made all this possible. There is no doubt that this competition over the next few years will become a hotspot for top athletes to pursue there freediving ambitions. Not to mention What this place has to offer for recreational freedivers both on land and at sea. Dominica is truly a freedivers haven!

Credit photo Daan Verhoeven

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