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Hold Everything... It's Vertical Blue 2015!

Yep, it's that time of year again. If it seems like hardly a day's gone by since Terry Tarpon was filling up your news-feed for the last one, well it hasn't really: The world's premier freediving competition is back after only 5 months with its traditional April billing to take advantage of calmer weather and crystal clear water. Sadly, Terry's away this year, visiting some of his journalistic chums in the middle east, but never fear: Freedive-Earth has teamed up with photographic ace Daan Verhoeven to bring you a beautiful visual rendering of the VB underbelly. Tune in daily for a fish-eye view of everything that's going down. As well as that, you can count on us to update the results daily on our Facebook page...naturally.

See you in the big blue. 

 VB2015 By Daan Verhoeven



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