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Meet Téorum, a new clothing brand - from divers for divers

Téorum is a new French ready-to-wear company made by divers, for divers. We recently spoke to Marie who is one of the co-founders of Téorum.

1. So Marie, nice to meet you.  Can you tell us more about yourself, where are you from?

Hello, nice to meet the community of freedive-earth too. I come from a Rennes a beautiful town in France,  close to the sea. Rennes is the capital of Brittany, a region of France,  and it is really close to the ocean and to the sea. 1 hour away from Saint-Malo, a perfect spot for diving. 



2. You come from a family of divers, I think your dad was really passionate about diving.  Are you diving too? Is this why you decided to launch this project ?

Yes indeed, my dad is really passionate about diving and it became a family things. There is not a  week without training in swimming pool or a dive session in the sea. With my other sisters, we have "dived" into this universe as a kid. We do not yet have his level of dive, but we want to take courses to improve. It is the passion of our father that inspired us to create our brand.



3. How did u come to this idea of creating a ready to wear brand for divers?

One day, when we were teenagers, my dad realized that there was no brand for passionate of diving while there is so much brand for surfers, for example, brands that my sisters in I wore while we did not surf, skate or any water sports. Few years later we have decided, with my sister Maud to create a brand, for him and for all the diving lovers! There are so many beautiful values in this sport that deserve to be conveyed. We considered that divers deserved to wear clothes that reflected their passion on a daily basis. .   



4. Where does the name Téorum come from?

Téorum is the French name of a beverage, “Thé au rhum” in english “tea with rum”. We have chosen this name because of the history behind. The tea with rum is prepared by the divers before diving, at least in Brittany. When everyone goes back into the boat, after the diving session, it is time to share and talk about it and sharing the beverage, to stay warm.  It’s a special moment and unique, specific to the situation, a really very convivial moment. We want that our brand to bear these values of conviviality and sharing, so we borrowed the name of the drink



5. What makes your brand special? What is the DNA of your brand?

There are two major parts that make the DNA of our brand.

First, we chose to produce our clothes in France, with respect for human and the environment. Here we have outstanding skills in textiles and with globalization and various offshoring, these skills tend to disappear. We therefore wish to support and maintain French know-how. We also chose to produce in France to be sure of the welfare of the employees who would produce our clothes.

The second part of our DNA concerns the recycling of neoprene. Indeed, the neoprene of the diving suits does not have a specific recycling line, it is therefore buried or incinerated, which causes harmful consequences for the environment. So we chose to give it a second life, by encrusting pieces of used combinations (which can no longer be used for diving) on our clothes. So each sweater will be unique and will have its own history!



Téorum recylce neoprene



6. When are you gooing to launch the first product? Where can we find your product?

We just launched a crowdfunding campaign with the platform ulule.  People can support us or buy our sweater online to be delivered before Christmas. This campaign will allow us to validate the divers' aptitude for our products. We really want to work in co-creation with them, which is why their opinion is important to us.

You will be able to pre-order our product during the crowdfunding campaign, and then buy from our website.

 We will also be resold in specialized shops in diving equipment, as well as in marine concept store


Thanks Marie for your time, and I wish you good luck with your project, 

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