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New AIDA DNF World Record for Mateusz Malina

 Pole does 226m without fins

  On the 9th November 2014, wearing nothing on his face, and with a neckweight resembling nothing so much as the yoke for a cart horse, Mateusz Malina of Poland swam 226m (just over 9 lengths of your local swimming pool) underwater on a single breath without fins, or assistance of any kind. The dive took him 4mins 27sec, a long time by anyone's standards but he surfaced clean, even managing a smile for the judges, and a surface protocol as strong as any I've seen.

Watch the video of DNF 226M world record:



Malina is a relative newcomer to competitive freediving and has slowly worked his way up from relatively modest distances of around 165m over the last 2 years to this enormous achievement. He's a powerhouse of enthusiasm and has attracted sponsorship from Grena Ltd., a company that manufactures medical devices, as well as support from his local pool for training. The attempt took place during a small competition in Brno, Czech Republic. Watching the video you can see the familiar sight for pool freedivers, of members of the public swimming next to the competition lane, oblivious to the feat that was being performed right next to them. Malina took 2 attempts to break the record, surfacing after 175m on the first attempt the day before. He's now at Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas for the Vertical Blue competition along with other international athletes to compete in the depth disciplines.

Watch this space for an exclusive Freedive-Earth interview with Mateusz coming soon!

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