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New Guinness World Record: 24 min Breathhold

A big congratulations to Aleix Segura for his new Guinness World Record for a 24 Min and 3 secondes breathhold on pure oxygen.  This type of static apneabreathing 100% oxygen for your breathup, is not recognized as an AIDA discipline. The previous world record was held by Goran Colak with 22 minutes 30 seconds. 

The record has been set on February 28th, 2016 at the 17th Mediterranean Dive show in Barcelona.

We were able to catch up with Aleix a few days after the record and we spoke about the challenges, risks, training regimen and plans for the future.  

How was this Guiness world record?

This Guinness attempt was not so much about sport, but more experimental and media related to reach this longest breath hold ever. There are many things to arrange concerning safety, event expenses, TV and media, swimming pool, fulfilling standards, schedule, etc. So the apnea skill has to be there, but also you have to be quite sure about before you formally involve people and announce the attempt.

What kind of training did you do for this record? 

I didn't train much on oxygen, because I'm still not sure how bad it is for the brain. Doctors warned us about major risks, so it was more about ensuring a decent regular static apnea. We did three O2 tests with good safety and that was it. My body does not produce too much CO2 compared to some others. After this, it was enough to announce officially. My cognition was always fine, so hopefully it was not harmful for me.

Do you have a special diet? 

Regarding diet, I did nothing different than I usually do. That doesn't mean I eat anything, I have my protocols focused on general health which works fine for apnea too.

How was it to hold your breath in front of so many people?

I was not very nervous because of the cameras and all the people around, but somehow everything became a little harder. Also, because I had been working on the event's setup the hours before and I didn't have any time to rest and focus before getting into water.  The schedule forced us to go on as expected, so in my warm up I felt not so strong but luckily I still managed alright.

Are you training at depth diving too?

I quite like all freediving disciplines and that includes depth, but conditions here are not the best for proper training- water is 12ºC at the moment. But I do spearfish, which is not optimal for good depths but enough to be comfortable for bottom time waiting in the 0-50m range, and enjoy and improve my apnea which progresses in depth and time every year.

What's your next target/next competition?

I have some small competitions to get qualified for pool world championships and I hope to be there again.

Thank for speaking with us, Aleix and a big congrats for this great achievement

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