The newest marine based stock video library is launched by freediving couple. | Freedive Earth

The newest marine based stock video library is launched by freediving couple.

Going deep...behind the lens


With a shared passion for going deep, Krystal Keynes and Sylvain Bruley have combined their skills and love of the ocean to bring you FinFocus. Intended as a one-stop media shop for underwater stock footage and marine based video, the couple has created a beautifully presented platform where documentary makers can purchase unique underwater stock video and where photographers and videographers can become contributors to sell their work at very good rates.

"We initially created the idea to develop this business as a way to travel together and Freedive in the best marine locations. With Sylvain's amazing skills at building beautiful websites, my love of underwater videography and our shared love of freediving with marine megafauna, it was really the perfect excuse to create the best life-style ever!" Krystal explains. "Although I had already acquired a substantial database of underwater stock footage over the past years of working as an underwater photographer, I see this as nothing more than a launching pad and a fantastic opportunity to share our passion with others. We plan to continue to push the boundaries of underwater videography by travelling to the most remote locations, swimming with the oceans biggest creatures and going deeper than we've ever gone before. We want to grow, not only our own skill set and underwater stock video library, but the underwater photography and videography community! We invite anyone with good quality underwater video to become contributors on our platform so that we can create and develop the love of the ocean, of freediving and of going deeper into underwater imagery than ever before! It's not just about us, in fact it's not about us at all, it's about the ocean, exploring it, understanding it, capturing imagery of it, spending time in it and inspiring others to do the same!’


Sylvain describes his most memorable freediving experience when we encountered a Blue Whale;

"We were out in the deep blue doing some training and all of a sudden it was like a giant Russian submarine swam past us. This huge Blue Whale was just on its course and it was almost like we did not exist. It really did not give a shit about us. All of a sudden I felt really really tiny!" He goes on to say; "this is just one of the many things to see in the ocean, I love spending time in deep water, you have a feeling of infinite depth and a world beyond our understanding. I can literally spend hours out there and it's always exciting because you never know what you're going to see or what we might be able to capture...maybe an underwater video of a Humpback Whale, maybe some epic Whale Shark footage …if you're in the ocean anything is possible!”.

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