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Sabotage, Terry Tarpon VB14

Sabotage, a Haunting and the Wrath of the Gods

Terry Tarpon, Fish-on-the-Wall at VB14:

  As they say at sea..."there's a storm a-comin' ". Or is that just in the movies? Either way, a glance at the weather forecast will tell you it's not looking exactly A1 for the start of Vertical Blue 2014. Putting it nicely I suppose you'd say the weather was "changeable". If by change you mean every single kind of weather there is apart from snow. It's been sunny, once or twice, but the Wind is blowing at a steady 20 knots and every so often, the heavens open with the kind of rain that would have had Noah reaching for his adz. And it's going to get worse. There are thunderstorms forecast for the 26th and 28th November, winds gusting up into the 30s and with peak training hours falling on an incoming tide, it's more like Dean's Green Hole than Blue. There are even, God forbid, a couple of wavelets on the surface. Doesn't your heart just bleed for us? Still no current though.   But we're soldiering on.

A few deep dives are now happening on the main platform. Aside from the usual suspects, Mateusz Malina is looking solid with a couple of FIM dives around the 100m mark and Solvenian Samo Jeranko looks good for joining the 100 club this year. Maybe he's getting some private coaching after hours from house-mate Masha Krupnitskaya? She's certainly been helping him with his leg-squats on the beach at any rate. The two of them have also been conspiring to eliminate Samo's nearest competitors: After goading several divers including World Champion Alexey Molchanov and a certain lowly Freedive-Earth reporter into jumping off the cliff at the back of the blue hole, the pair emerged unscathed, as did Molchanov who, naturally, went head first.

The UKs Michael Board, however was not so lucky, suffering an unexpected and painful introduction to the technique of wet equalisation, while Russian Evgeny Sychev dislocated his shoulder. That'll learn 'em. Wisely declining field medical assistance from half-wit doctor Chris Crawshaw "I went to medical school once, honest", the Russian team decamped to the island clinic where, with a certain amount of shouting, Evgeny's limb was returned to its original location. Sychev was spotted the next day swimming laps of the blue-hole one handed and smiling. He's planning to restrict himself to CWT for the duration of the competition.

There's been no further sign of the Zombie Trigger Fish since its capture and relocation at the beginning of last week, but there's definitely something funny going on in the water. Competitors have reported hearing a strange whining or yowling sound echoing around the cliffs at peak training times. "It's like a drowning cat or something", one athlete told me yesterday, with a glance over her shoulder. "I don't know where it's coming from, but the strangest thing is... it's got a French accent..."

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