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Tales of the Unexpected

Dutchman Daan Verhoeven is one of the best-known underwater photographers in the freediving community. An overt simplicity and flair for the dramatic are his hallmarks and combine to make his works some of the most iconic images of the sport of freediving you will ever see. For VB 2015, Daan has teamed up with Freedive-Earth to bring you some of his, and our, favourite images from recent years. Expect the unexpected...! All images are the copyright of Daan Verhoeven.

"Style is the voluntary restriction of available means" -Cornelis Verhoeven

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In at number 10...

Classic Daan Verhoeven. Exploiting the gin-clear mediterranean water to the max.


No. 9

No. 8

Sahika Ercumen on her way to a no-fins VWT record training in the Med.


No. 7

No. 6

Three little divers all in a row...


No. 5

Guillaume Nery in full flight


No. 4

20 Points for the first reader to identify the handsome model in this unconventional surfing picture...


Third Place... and first in the "Weird" Category...

Winner of 'Weirdest Underwater Picture of all Time".


Runner Up...

And in First Place...

A certain Will Trubridge doing what he does best.


And here are some that didn't quite make it...

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