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YOGA for freediving celebrates the 2017 worlds with an amazing Give-away

Sara’s final Yoga for Freediving course Pre-Dive Preparation launches to celebrate the end of the 2017 World Championships.

Customers with all five courses get Pre-Dive Preparation FREE 1st September 2017:

Today Sara launches the final wrap-up course in her amazing Yoga for Freediving online training programme. Pre-Dive Preparation brings the Kundalini yoga exercises to life in a practical application for getting ready for your dives. Sara is offering this course at the bonus price of just $40 and loyal Yoga for Freediving students can get it COMPLETELY FREE with proof of purchase of all five previous courses! This course is a purely physical one; it differs from the previous courses, which have each delivered a thorough grounding in spiritual theory as well as yoga and meditation practice, and how to develop a consistent daily practice to support your freediving; in Pre-Dive Preparation Sara opens up her personal pre-dive routines which secured her own amazing performances with CWT dives to over 100m.

"I'm so excited to be bringing the final of my Yoga for Freediving courses into the world," said Sara."I’ve had amazing feedback from customers all over the world, some of them building on the videos with personal one to one coaching with me via Skype–and the results have been fantastic. These courses go beyond numbers-driven performance; my main aim is to help people understand the mental barriers that stand in their way in the water, and to give them practical tools to help them overcome them. And they really work, time and time again.”


This course is in two main sections; the pre-dive exercises, which use the core Kundalini warm-up stretches to get the diver in the right frame of mind, body and soul; and lung stretches which Sara, who never suffered a squeeze, recognises as being crucial for adaptation to depth to reduce risk of pressure-related injuries. To celebrate both the end of the 2017 Worlds, and wrapping up of this incredible programme, Sara is offering this final course at a special price: just $40 for two and a half hours of pre-dive preparation exercises to get you in the right frame of body and mind for optimal performance in the pool and ocean. And for the really loyal followers of Sara’s Yoga for Freediving programme she’s giving a very special thank you; just send an email to with your receipts for the first five courses, and you'll get this one COMPLETELY FREE! (available any time, even if you’re new to this programme).


If you’re new to freediving, or this programme, here’s a small reminder of why every freediver should get the Yoga for Freediving programmes to complement and support their other freedive training. World champion freediver, four-times world record holder, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Sara Campbell, shocked the world by setting her first three world records in three days, with just nine months in the sport. Integration of yoga and meditation practice and applying spiritual principles to her diving were her secret.


Sara Campbell Pre-dive preparation freediving program


One student, Jana McGeachy reached out to Sara last year after purchasing the first course, Deep Relaxation, and chose to support the videos with personal coaching. Jana suffered from anxiety and lack of self-confidence, which were holding her back in the water. She had a dream to complete an instructor training certificate but was struggled with nerves and stress at depth. Over a few months of working together, Jana not only secured her instructor certificate, but her dives had transformed from stress to bliss:

Thank you Sara, I am super happy and blissed out and even more happy that instead of wanting it (her ITC) to be over and done with I found myself wanting to savour the beautiful moments of the dive session. It's a transformation of diving to be sure, and it's only the beginning. Thank you for al l your wise words. I just have listened to the Ong Namo and Trust & Surrender lectures in particular over 100 times each in the last five months x big love and thank you again, your coaching is superb x Jana”

Jana is also an underwater photographer, check out her interview here

Sould and Sea Underwater photography


The Yoga for Freediving programme brings you six absolutely unique and profoundly transformational courses, each offering up to two and half hours of lectures, meditations, yoga practices, pranayamas and guided relaxations to take freedivers on a journey beyond their physical training, into the realm of the mind, where each and every one of our dive experiences begins. By laying the foundations of a calm and strong mind in your diving, you create an internal environment where progression remains smooth, steady and safe.


The full programme consists of six courses:

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Manage Your Mind
  • Energy Beyond Breath
  • Training and Performance
  • Success and Failure
  • Pre-Dive Performance


While each course stands alone, offering a thorough six-week training schedule and meditation practice, Sara recommends that to get the best from this journey, you work through the courses sequentially and in order. For more information on each course, please visit the course page here.

The first five courses are sold at just $50 each, with Pre-Dive Preparation a ridiculous $40. Each course contains a further 22 FREE How To videos (another two hours), which explain the basic exercises, yogic and freedive techniques and terminology throughout this programme.

Sat Nam



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