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Carol Schrappe Freediving

The "natural" way of the courses he had been doing, I found that diving is as good as teach others. It's wonderful to see someone who had a monday never put your face in the water, on the following Sunday to be telling you how it has changed their lives, and now this guy has a portfolio is a passport to accomplish their adventures everywhere in the world! And it is a rewarding responsibility too.

Early in my career as a teacher, which coincided as the beginning of my career as an entrepreneur diving, Administrative took me longer than the instruction, but soon I was finding my space, and also specializing kept me.

Today I am NAUI and PDIC instructor, and for this licensing, adopted with great determination by Acquanauta, expert instructor'm Free Diver, Nitrox Diver, Wreck Diver and Environmental Overhead, all types of diving that are my favorites.

And I do not know if it fits, but even more, the statement of apnea. The advantage of working in a serious school like ours is that we have always believed that "it is not good that way," and the quest for quality education, in addition to educating instruct, makes me increasingly progressing.

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