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When apnea diving or freediving breathes divers before the dive and used a as opposed to scuba dive for his only this one breath . The period of holding one's breath is called apnea [ apnoːə ] (from Greek ἄπνοια ápnoia non-breathing , to πνοή pnoe breathing , breath ).

Freediving is the oldest and most primitive form of diving. Already in the Stone Age apnea divers as mussels , sponges and beads collected and fish with spears hunted. Nowadays Freediving is as a leisure activity and as a diving up to extreme sports operated. In the leisure sector, it is all about exploring the underwater world and to the general conditioning for scuba diving. In competitive sports, however always longer apnea times or be targeted training route and depth of services sought. The world's largest distribution has Freediving in the form of underwater hunting .

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