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Apneista Bali

Freediving is a beautiful activity open to almost anyone. It is a livelihood, a competitive sport, an art and even a moving meditation.

Scientific research and the efforts of the elite freediving community in recent years have led to great improvements in understanding the physiological processes of breath hold diving. The resulting improvement in training techniques means that even people with limited aquatic experience will be amazed what they can learn in just a couple of days. At Apneista Bali, we see freediving more as a beautiful art than an extreme sport.

Our interest in freediving is non-competitive, though to maximise our aquatic potential we do use the latest advances in competitive training techniques. We also use the disciplines of competition apnea to structure our training and observe competitive safety standards. In no way does this affect our friendly and non-competitive training atmosphere. See testimonials.

At Apneista our educational vision values the journey as much as the destination and the process as much as the final goal. We adapt training to suit the requirements of each individual which is why class sizes are always small. We have trained hundreds of individuals over the years and seen how different goals and approaches work for different people. The Apneista freedive curriculum reflects this vision.

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