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Have you ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins?
Have you ever asked yourself how it feels by the oceans slide only on your own breathing?

Then SSI Freediving program exactly what you need. Freediving is easier than thought. Dive Senses now offers you the opportunity to start freediving. Dive Senses has its own Freediving Instructor who like to teach you all about the principles of freediving. The first training SSI Freediving Basic and the first level is Freediving Level 1 . Freediving promotes health and fitness, you will enjoy the wonderful underwater world and rest under the water. At 5 feet or deeper, Freediving is a sport for fit all ages. Freediving gives you the feeling of freedom, like a fish moving in the water. You can experience nature, along with fish and dolphins swim - just like in your dreams. From clear seas to crystal blue lakes: Freediving has many features and offers everything -. of adrenaline full action up to 100% rest and relaxation Whatever goal you want to achieve, we'll to guide you on the way forward!

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