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Freedive Co-op is a cooperative of freediving instructors based in Moalboal, Philippines.

We dive in a comfortable and safe way. We focus on relaxation, sensations and technique, understanding what we are doing, how and why.

The duration and content of a course or training program depends on you. An average course lasts for at least 5 days including open water and confined water sessions, stretching, theory, debriefing & coaching. For beginner courses, the instructor per student ratio is 1/2. For divers with more experience the ratio can go up to 1/3 where appropriate. Students can get the AIDA international freediving federation certifications 1,2,3 stars and the RAID level 1,2,3.


The school has a horizontal leadership structure. Decisions are taken by mutual consensus. We do not compromise or take majority decisions. Our exchanges lead to agreements that make us equally responsible for and committed to the orientation the project takes.  The direction and the philosophy of the project is simple and crystal clear, but, its shape and structure can change to constantly improve.


As an effort to ease the access of freediving, we offer a minimum price to those who have not taken a freediving course before. If you are satisfied and want our school to grow you are welcome to give more.


If you have aready taken a freediving course with any school you choose the amount of your contribution. Diving together we shift from consumer or service provider to creators and caretakers of a common project. Therefore, for students, staff, and instructors there is neither selling nor consuming ; It is all about co-creating a positive project based on trust and mutual respect. Open price also means another level in terms of quality. Divers will freely preserve what they judge worth existing, so eventually our school will thrive if what we offer supports them in their goals and needs.

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