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At Zen Freediving we share our passion for freediving through courses, trips, training and events and seek to build a community of freediving enthusiasts in Singapore and around the world.

Our approach to teaching freediving is based on relaxation and internal awareness in a safe and fun environment, dispelling the perception of freediving as an "extreme" sport. We teach beginners to advanced students, and cater to each student's individual ability and personal objectives, whether recreational or competitive. In each course, you will delve deeply (pun intended) into the physics, psychology and physiology of freediving.

We are the first freediving school in Singapore to offer freediving courses in local waters. The visibility may be limited, but there is local marine life to be discovered in our fair city state by those with the patience to explore! On a course with us, you will visit some hidden marine gems a stone's throw from the city.

As freedivers, we believe in taking care of the ocean that brings us so much enjoyment and do our part by promoting sustainability and supporting marine conservation efforts.

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Singapore women's national record holder
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February, 2015
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