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Louisa is a competitive freediver and AIDA instructor. She began freediving in the famous Blue Hole in Dahab in 2012. After discovering her passion for freediving and talent for depth she joined the British team, and competed at the Freediving World Championships in 2013, with only a few weeks of depth training under her belt.

Ibiza hosted a Freediving World Championships in 2001, and has beautiful clear waters, temperatures of around 25 degrees in summer and depths of up to 90m.

The boat is located in Club Nautico San Antonio, and our excursions run in the west and north west of the island. Es Conijera has up to 60m and is calm and secluded. We also travel along the beautiful coast to various sites on the North West coast, including Ses Bledes islands, and further West to Es Vedra, where the Worlds were held.

We also visit beautiful and calm shore diving locations with easy access for students and intermediate divers.

We a first aid kit on the boat, and we are certified O2 providers and Emergency Responders. There is a specialised dive medic at the hyperbaric chamber in San Antonio.

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