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Welcome to Revolution Freediving!

What can you do on a single breath of air?
Learn how to freedive safely to 66 feet / 20 meters with greater Philadelphia's and U.S. Virgin Islands' only Performance Freediving International (PFI) certified Freediving instructor. Extensive two-day clinic consisting of lectures, pool and open water sessions. Learn at your own pace with an experienced instructor following you at arm's length on every dive. No prior experience required. Small classes of no more than 5 students per instructor.

Already got some Freediving / Spearfishing experience?
The PFI Freediver course will teach you proper breathing and equalizing techniques to dive deeper and maximize bottom time while applying proper buddy and safety procedures.

Could your diving use a little fine-tuning?
Not getting the depth or bottom time you want? Before spending money on new gear consider signing up for a Coaching Session (available for certified Freedivers). Let us evaluate and refine your diving techniques, work on a specific issue, or reinforce your hypoxic problem management skills.

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June, 2013