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The Original Freediving Training Camp- Dominica,

Dominica, The Hidden Gem of Freediving

The Original Freediving Training Camps are a unique opportunity for free divers to learn and grow. The training is customized to each student to maximize development and progress! Each training camp goes beyond what you will learn in any agency based learning program and have been attended by some of the worlds top athletes. Developed over the past four years by Jonathan, you will learn how to train the body and mind and prepare yourself for peak performance.

The February/March editions of the Original Freediving Training Camps are once again being held in one of the free diving Mecca's of the world, the Caribbean's nature island, Dominica. Easily accessed from all parts of Europe and the US with flights via Puerto Rico, Antigua and Guadeloupe into Douglas Charles(Formerly Melville hall) airport daily. Dominica can also be accessed via Martinique via ferry.

Your instructor is Jonathan Sunnex aka Johnny Deep, one of the worlds leading freediving athletes, coaches and instructors. Jonathan has coached athletes to 3 World Records(AIDA and CMAS), World Championship medals and more than 50 National and Continental Records! With personal bests of 110m CWT, 101m FIM and 65m CNF, Jonathan has the skills, knowledge and experience to help you not only achieve your expectations but to surpass them!

The format of the Training camps is designed specifically by Jonathan to have the athletes peak at exactly the right time to achieve their potential! We will work on conditioning, technique, mental preparation and much more!
Specialized clinics included in this months camp include 'deep equalisation' and 'visualisation for success'. These have proven to be favorites amongst camp participants and you will be presented with information not seen in any freediving text books or manuals.
The main focus of this camp is depth, however static sessions are included to help refine technique, improve equalisation and conditioning.
The Freediving Training camp is a fantastic learning opportunity for recreational divers and serious athletes a like. So if your looking to take your diving to the next level.. this is the best place to start!


Camp 1- 11/02/16- 15/02/16
Camp 2- 19/02/16- 25/02/16

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Training date: 
Thursday, February 11, 2016 (All day)
Training email: 
Scotts head, Dominica Scotts head
15° 14' 1.5252" N, 61° 21' 55.8324" W