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PADI Freediving Courses From Beginner to Instructor in Tunisia

Join us in the beautiful village of Tabarka, Tunisia, August 7th - September 15, 2016 for Beginner to Instructor PADI Freediving courses with Akim Ladhari and Christophe Leray. Tabarka is a coastal town located in the north-western part of Tunisia, with a mild climate around this time of year. The town's surrounding ocean is famous for its beautiful coral, crystal clear water, and the abundance of underwater life, making it optimal for diving. With its own airport, Tabarka is easily accessible within 2-4 hours from anywhere in Europe.

Available Packages:
Beginner + Advanced + Master + Instructor courses
Advanced + Master + Instructor courses
Master + Instructor courses
Beginner + Advanced courses
Advanced + Master courses
Master + Instructor courses
Training + Instructor course

Freediving instructor trainer and coach:
Christophe Leray :
-Trained and certified more than 800 students, from level1 to level3 SSI
- 60 Meters diver
- 6’min breathhold
- SSI instructor Level3
- PADI Master freediver Instructor
- PADI first Aid IFR instructor
Email address:


103 m CWT ( 2008/2009 )
- Founder of Blue immersion Freediving
- Founder of Seaquest Freediving
- Founder of FIDC
- Certified over 250 instructors
- PADI Freediving instructor trainer
- WSF (RAID) Freediving instructor trainer
- SSI Freediving instructor trainer
- AIDA Master instructor
- Spearfishing instructor
- SSI first aid instructor
- EFR ( First aid Instructor )
- O2 provider Instructor

Training date: 
Wednesday, September 14, 2016 - 12
Training email: 
Training country: 
36° 56' 43.6344" N, 8° 42' 47.4732" E