I've been running an Olympus E-PM1 four thirds in an Olympus housing now for nearly 3 years and I'll be upgrading later this year, to what I don't yet know!

This camera has been amazing so far, couple of quirks here and there but nothing major, I just want something built for videography first and then photos.

Few things I know I'm missing out on are manual focus, bigger aperture/smaller f stop (for some creamy bokeh photos), rounded dome port (I have flat at the moment). wide angle (its not that wide with standard lens), I can't view the photos when underwater as it has a scroll wheel and the housing doesn't work with that.

Few things I love about the set up I have; It's size, it's not too big, the battery lasts ages, I can do two dives a day for a couple of days and get plenty of photos!, The cost was good (got it imported from USA, camera and oly housing for under half the price I saw it in UK).

I know I want to get more in to videography so maybe link something up that I can use both on land and underwater in a housing would be great! I also don't really want to go up in size, the GH4 and my camera really are where it is at with freediving photography, with a tray and handle to one side it feels amazing in the hand when diving down.

Do I go straight for the OMD-E5 by Olympus in Oly housing? Is this great for videography? I know it's a solid camera, is the perfect size (four thirds again) but know nothing more of it. What other recommendations do you have?