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Natalia Molchanova

I’ve often been told (usually, I’ll admit, by coaches of "a certain age") that, unlike - say - football, where any professional over the age of 30 is getting seriously long in the tooth, freedivers

 What a year it’s been.

According to the Diver’s Alert Network (DAN), around 40 freediving-related deaths occur every year. The overwhelming majority of these deaths involve new or untrained freedivers who don’t know how to avoid dangerous situations, or what to do when they occur.

I first met Natalia last year when, in the run up to Vertical Blue 2014, she

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Often described as the purest form of freediving, constant weight no-fins (CNF) requires the freediver to descend and ascend along the dive-line without using fins, without changing their weighting, without using the rope (except once at the bottom to turn) and witho