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Freediving Gear

Welcome to the ultimate freediving gear resource at Freedive Earth. We collated every new piece of snorkeling, spearfishing and freediving equipment. We have added thousands of diving equipment to the site, including masks, wetsuits, fins and watches.

Equipment Rankings and How It Works

Every freedive product gets given a freedive score which then ranks that product amongst others in the same gear type areas. Below you can find the latest freediving equipment in their best of product type pages.

Freedive Gear Rankings

Equipment Smart Finder and Comparison Tools

We also have a smart finder tool to help you find the exact snorkeling, freediving or spearfishing equipment based on your exact requirements.

Freedive Gear Compare

Saved Freediving Gear

Once you are interested in a few bits of freediving gear, you can save them to your own freedive wishlist.

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