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Compare Spearfishing and Freediving Fins

Welcome to the only resource and tool online that lets you find and compare all available snorkeling, spearfishing and freediving fins. We have collated every and all features of each bi fin and monofin so that you can filter by these specifics and sort the order of other features to find the right fin for you.

We made this tool because we needed freediving and snorkeling bi-fins for travelling and needed fins that were great for freediving and apnea but where a specific length or had the option to remove the fin blade from the footpocket, we just couldn't find a list that shown us all the options.

So we made this tool to help you find the fins right for you, if you are interested in just seen the best spearfishing and freediving fins, we have you covered there too.

If you are after specific fins for a certain purpose, you have a maximum price you want to pay and you want a specific length and fin material? You can do that and so much more here using our clever freediving fin finder comparison tool.

Filtering Options

There are numerous ways you can filter by to find the right snorkeling, spearfishing and freediving fin for you. It is all there for you to use and abuse and hopefully will result in you finding the perfect bi-fin or monofin for your apnea and diving adventures.

Filter By Price

You can filter by the maximum price you want to pay for a fin, just enter the amount "85" and it will show you just fins that cost $85 and below.

Filter By Custom Fin Stiffness

If you want to be able to choose your fin stiffness, select "true" and it will show you only fins that you can select the fin stiffness when buying.

Filter By Fin Type

One of the most important filters, choose what type of fin you want, whether that is bi-fins or a monofin. When you select what you want the results will show you just those types of fins.

Filter By Fin Strength

This is an important filter, we like to do a lot of adventure freediving and snorkeling and the odd spearfishing session, which means we need a strong fin as they get abused a lot. A stronger fin is usually made of plastic, like a technopolymer and they can be bashed around quite a bit on rocks and you can chuck them in to the back of your car and you know they'll be ok, even with other items on top of them.

Filter By Fin Stiffness

Some fins come in just one stiffness and they are bought off the shelf, they are not custom fins. This means that every fin in this model will have this stiffness, but if you require a specific stiffness that you know you want, you can see results of fins that have the stiffness you require.

Filter By Custom Footpockets

If you're having trouble with fins you already own or want the comfiest and best fit, choosing a fin which you can customise it's footpockets means you'll get super efficient energy transfer and more comfort.

Filter By Heel Type

Filter by the heel type you want, open heel or closed heel. With an open heel, you will have a strap that goes around the back of your heel, but the bottom of your heel will be open to the water. With a closed heel, it's like wearing a full shoe, with this filter you can choose between either.

Filter By Fin Material

Maybe the most important filter out of all the freediving and spearfishing fin filters, is this one, the material filter. You can choose between carbon freediving fins, fibreglass spearfishing fins or plastic snorkeling fins or whatever material you are interested in.

Filter By Removable Fin

Do you want a fin that you can remove from your footpocket, maybe for better transportation and travelling? Select "true" on this filter to be shown fins that you can remove the fin from. Or this one might be if you love your current footpockets and they fit perfectly but you wish to try a different fin material or manufacturer.

Filter By Activity Best For

We have categorised every single fin we have added to our database according to what sort of activity they are best for. From freediving training, through to snorkeling and spearfishing. They are all different and require different types of gear. Some need effecient equipment, like freediving competitions, whilst others require hard wearing and strong gear to use whilst snorkeling and spearfishing. Just select a category you are interested in and see what gear types you get shown.

Sort By Features of Freedive, Snorkel and Spearfishing Fins

As well as filtering, you can sort by many specifics too, you aren't limited by just price which seem to be the standard feature on most online diving stores. Here you can sort by some very important features which are overlooked elsewhere and nowhere else can you find this functionality.

Filter By Weight

If weight is important to you, you can sort the whole table of freedive fins by the weight column and be shown fins in an order from lightest to heaviest. This way you can see what fins you may like and compare their weight to others that weigh similar.

Sort By Freediving Rating

This is different to the freedive score and is rated by you, the freedivers, if you already own this piece of equipment, why not rate it yourself to help others in the future.

Sort By Freedive Score

This is the overall rating the watch gets from all the reviews and ratings acrrued from around the web.

Sort By Price Bracket

Each spearfishing and freediving fins is put in to a price bracket and you can sort by these. When you do it means you will be shown fins sorted by their price bracket, so it will group them together and then sort them for you so you can see similar fins near each other.

Sort By Price

You can sort by the price of the current mask if bought new, this does not include sales which can be found online or in a store but is close to the RRP the manufacturer advertises them at.

Sort By Fin Length and Full Fin Length

Two amazing sort options on the finder tool here for fins is that of the fin length and full fin length with footpocket. We have listed down every bi-fin and monofin length so that you can sort by these specifics. Like us, we needed a shorter fin specifically for travelling for a few months and having this tool would have made our lives so much easier. If you require a shorter than standard freediving or spearfishing fin, just click the column and the smaller length fins will be ordered to the top for you and the longer ones will go to the bottom.