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Compare Spearfishing and Freediving Watches

Find and compare spearfishing and freediving watches based on specific features and requirements you are after and compare. It's a simple tool that lets you find the right freedive watch for you by simply filtering by the specs you need, or by sorting the watches by the price and other features of the watches.

If you're after the best freedive watch, we have you covered with a ranking list of the best freedive watches which is combined with the ultimate freedive watch guide were we cover everthing you need to know.

see the best spearfishing and freediving watches

You can use this tool to find specific features and requirements for a spearfishing and freediving watch. We have added every single apnea watch available with all of their features and filter and sort by many of them to find the right dive computer for you.

Filter By Specific Features To Find The Right Freedive Watch

There are many different features on freediving watches and we have listed them all and more, we'll talk you through the features you can find by.

Filter By Price Range

No matter what you can afford, there is sure to be something for you. We have categorised all freediving products by how much they cost. There are budget, moderate and highend products. Simply click the price range select drop down and choose the price range you want to look at.

Budget Freediving and Spearfishing Watches

There are a few budget and entry level freediving watches. By clicking this selector you will be shown budget watches only. This way you get to see quickly what is available in your price range and what you can afford.

With budget freediving watches you can expect a few features but nothing special. They will obviously all be waterproof to at least 50m+ and show your current depth. Most come with other normal watch features like a timer, the time, date, etc.

Moderately Priced Spearfishing and Freediving Watches

With the price range tool, you can see moderately priced freediving and spearfishing watches. By selecting moderate you will be shown just the watches that are moderately priced. These freediving watches in this price range have a few more features than budget spearfishing watches. Expect to see dive alarms, current depth, surface time and other features in this price bracket.

Highend Freediving and Spearfishing Watches

If you are interested in a highend spearing and freedive watch, you can expect many more features. Some have GPS so you can add your dive locations to maps, programmable features, current depth, temperatures, surface time and much more.

Just select highend in the price range selector and you will be shown just watches in this price category.

Filter By Alert Types

If you want a freediving watch which alerts you at certain surface intervals or depths, you will want one with alerts. You can then choose which types of alerts you want in a watch.

Some of the alerts types there are:

Filter By Display During Dive

What features do you want on your watch during the dive? With this filter you can choose exactly what features you want to see and have when your camera is in dive mode.

Filter By Watch Features

This is the main filter to choose what features you want in your freediving and spearfishing watch.

Some of the watch features you can find in a spearfishing and freediving watch:

Filter By Watch Safety Features

With this filter you can search and select safety features that you want in a watch, if there is something specific, select it and you will be shown just watches that have this feature.

Some of the watch safety features you can choose from:

Filter By Automatic Dive Mode

If you want a spearfishing and freediving watch with automatic dive mode, select this feature and you will be shown watches that have this feature.

Filter By Download Dives

Do you want to be able to download your dives to your computer, then select this filter and you will be shown watches that have this feature. You can view what dives you have done that day and check your dive history to see how the dives went.

More about downloading your freedives to your computer:

Filter By Price

If you have a maximum price you want to pay, you can filter by how much you want to pay for the freedive watch. If you have a budget of $300 you can put that in and be shown watches that cost less than this.

Sorting Features of Freediving and Spearfishing Watches

As well as being able to filter for specific features, you can sort by many different features and watch specifics too. Below we go through what you can sort by which should help you narrow down your search for the perfect freediving and spearfishing watch.

Sort By Freediving Watch Weight

If weight is your thing, you can sort every freediving watch in the world by it's weight. If you want the lightest freedive watch you just sort by the weight and you'll order them lightest to heaviest.

Sort By Freediving Rating

This is different to the freedive score and is rated by you, the freedivers, if you already own this piece of equipment, why not rate it yourself to help others in the future.

Sort By Freedive Score

This is the overall rating the watch gets from all the reviews and ratings acrrued from around the web.

Sort By Price Bracket

Each spearfishing and freediving watch is put in to a price bracket and you can sort by these. When you do it means you will be shown watches sorted by their price bracket, so it will group them together and then sort them for you so you can see similar watches near each other.

Sort By Price

You can sort by the price of the current watch if bought new, this does not include sales which can be found online or in a store but is close to the RRP the manufacturer advertises them at.

Sort By Depth

Each watch has a maximum depth it can go to and we have included this spec in the watches details. You can also sort by this spec and see watches that go deeper than others by clicking this title.

Sort By Dive Memory

If you don't need a watch with a huge memory then simply sort by this column and you will be shown watches with a smaller memory. If you need a large dive memory, you can see watches with a larger dive memory than others.