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Best Spearfishing and Freediving Fins

The best freediving and spearfishing fins to help your training, when doing deep dives and you need a low volume mask or for those who prefer more vision.

They are ranked by their freedive score which is accrued from expert and user generated reviews and stats from around the web. If you are after a freedive mask for a specific reason, check out the compare table for freedive fins to find your perfect mask.

Unless you're fascinated by dynamin no fins and swimming in pools, you're going to need some form of fins. If you are new to any of the sports or aren't looking to do dynamic or depth freediving competitions, then you'll be looking at bi-fins first.

They come in a myriad of sizes, shapes, colours and materials. Everything can change on them from the fin angle to the footpocket material and the price.

Here we have the best fins for spearfishing, freediving and snorkeling all in one page. If you aren't interested in the best and are looking at buying some fins for a specific requirement, head over to the fin finder page and the tools there will help you find the perfect fins for you.

Fins For Apnea Sports

When looking for fins for any activity underwater that isn't scuba diving you are going to want to look for fins that fit you well and are comfortable, this is the most important factor with any new fins that you buy. The only real way you can do this is to wear different footpockets and fin sets in the water and just use them. We dive for hours at a time in the ocean and local quarries and a fin that might feel good at first glance and fit, might become uncomfortable even after a short amount of time of use.

Compared to scuba diving, where you usually wear dive boots, with freediving and spearfishing, you just have thin socks on or no socks at all, so you're bare foot is sat inside the footpocket. With scuba, if they have comfortable dive boots, they can just wrap a fin around their boot and the boot will take most of the stresses of the fin. You want the fin to not be too tight, slightly loose almost, but not coming off when you do leg strokes, this is a general rule for bi-fins. But with monofins it can be slightly different, the tighter they are, the better you can transfer the energy from your body through to the fin which will then propel you. If you know you are only going to be wearing the fin for a short amount of time, say 20 minutes, then having it very tight won't be too bad.

Best Snorkeling Fins

The best snorkeling fins are fins that feel comfortable and something that don't really need to be too long. If you are using them specifically for snorkeling along the surface of the water, you'll be going at a gentle pace. Price won't be too much of a concern as well because you aren't trying to break any records, you don't need the most effecient fins either.

What is really important is that they are hard wearing, especially the fin blade. This means you can bash them about, throw them in to your dive bag, hit them on rocks when going in and out of the ocean. You will want them to last a very long time. We have had some shorter snorkel fins that have lasted us years. They have been through surf, and hundreds of shore dives and they're still going because they are a plastic fin. As much as we hate to use anything that is plastic, one thing we don't mind is when the snorkel gear lasts. We thoroughly expect to be wearing these in years to come.

Best Freediving Fins

Freediving fins come in two main types, bi-fins and monofins. Bi fins are the ones that you wear on each foot separately and monofins make you look and feel like a mermaid. When freediving, what you are looking for is the best energy transfer from your body through the fin, so fins that are efficient are the most sought after.

Best Freediving Bi Fins For Competition

If you are looking to compete at any level, beginner or advanced, you will be looking at getting some carbon bi-fins. This material is lighter than any of the other fins materials like technopolymers and fibreglass and also are great for transfering the energy from your bodies movement in to the water and turn that in to forward motion.

Most dynamic pool and depth disciplines with fins now use monofins, but there are still people competing with bi-fins. I personally find them much more comfortable and prefer to use them for all types of diving.

If you are going to safety anyone at depth or in a pool, it is preferred to have bi-fins on as a safety freediver and if you are safetying in deep waters you're going to want something that is efficient, becomes a part of you as you dive and is something that could propel yourself and your buddy up from the depths in case of a black out. This is one reason I opt for stiffer fins, although I am light and tall and not very powerful, the last thing I want is to safety someone, try to bring them up and struggle myself because the fins aren't capable of propelling both of us to the surface.

Best Freediving Monofins

The best monofin for freediving can be seen above. There are different types depending on what type of movement you have under the water, like the glides which will happily sit on your feet through the glide phase of your dive. Monofins can go up in price all the way past £500, but the technology used in them and the time to create these one custom monofins are worth the money.

You can get custom foot and fin stiffness types, completely bespoke monofins which will transfer the energy of your underwater movement like no other type of fin.

Best Spearfishing Fins

There are two types of fins to think about when thinking about spearfishing, a fin that will get you to your depths very easily and back to the surface without having to use much energy, these tend to mostly be carbon fins. Then there are fins that are made for the shallows, rocky shorelines and fine for bashing about.

One thing to definitely think about when checking out the best spearfishing fins, are getting the right size. Like running trainers, you want something that is slightly bigger than your foot size. This is so that there is room to move and if you are going to be spending all day out at sea spearing, you're going to want something that is comfortable first and foremost.

Above, when you select spearfishing as the Best For Spearfishing category, you will see fins that have been rated and reviewed from around the world as great for spearfishing.

Best Underwater Hockey and Rugby Fins

If you are in to underwater hockey and rugby, you may want to check out the best fins up above as well. You will have slightly different requirements though. The best underwater hockey fins will have to be shorter and also have rounded edges and this is so that they don't hurt or cut anyone when underwater as it is a close and contact sport.

Best Finswimming Fins

The best finswimming fins which can be selected above are most notably monofins. There are a selection of a few manufacturers which will be fantastic for finswimming.