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On a Long Breath, Film with Freediver Pierre Frolla

On a long breath

June 7th 2016, Los Angeles, CA – Vision Films is pleased to announce the release of “ON A LONG BREATH,” a documentary film starring world champion freediver Pierre Frolla. The film is now available on DVD and all major VOD platforms.

Immerse yourself in a world that is truly harmonious with nature. Imagine six minutes without breath, slipping below the ocean’s surface to frolic with sperm whales, swim in tandem with a giant moray eel, and glide fearlessly with shark predators. World champion freedriver Pierre Frolla experiences that and more in this captivating underwater adventure…and you’re invited along for the journey.

Over 51 days, Frolla explores the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, as well as the Mediterranean Sea, offering a firsthand glimpse into a fascinating and vibrant world. He’ll visit sacred territories, meet tribes avowed to live in harmony with the sea and discover long-forgotten shipwrecks teeming with life.

As the sport of freediving continues to grow and scientists uncover more facts about our ability to adapt to extreme environments, such as very deep diving, “ON A LONG BREATH” exposes the limits humans will go to share a deeper connection with our aquatic companions. Whether you’re a diver, a marine enthusiast, or someone who prefers to stay on solid ground, this film offers a rare and unforgettable view into the Earth’s underwater mysteries.

“ON A LONG BREATH” is about the style of living in harmony with nature and demonstrates why freediving is a natural way to feel close to nature. The impressive performances of Frolla will show viewers a new way to discover the world and an adventure in harmony with the submarine world. The film was directed and produced by Philippe Gérard with cinematography by René Heuzey. Philippe Gérard says:  "On A Long Breath has been the opportunity for me to merge a poetic instants of a human-fish in an underwater journey.”

Managing Director / CEO of Vision Films Lise Romanoff says: "As an avid diver myself, I was amazed at what a "fish" Pierre Frolla is, and how different the underwater experience is when you free-dive as compared to using scuba gear!  I was also totally mesmerized by how he coaxed a giant eel out of his home and did an underwater ballet with it! Just completely astounding! He is really in tune with our aquatic friends.

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