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Pressure, Miguel Lozano freediving world record attempt

Pressure by Pepe Arcos freediving world record attempt

Freediving movie "Pressure" released on Vimeo

Filmmaker Pepe Arcos has released his latest film "Pressure" on Vimeo this week. He followed one of the world's elite freedivers, Miguel Lozano, on his quest to a new record in Free Immersion to 123M (FIM). This attempt was held in Tulamben in Bali, Indonesia earlier this year. You get a glimpse into the mental and physical challenges and obstacles that the world's top freedivers face as they prepare for deep dives and constantly push their limits.  Pepe stated that “Making this film gave me the urge to go deep into the story, behind the records and to the enormous physical and psychological effort and the beautiful moments of it. A whole emotional journey following the steps and challenges of a man trying to go where nobody had been before deep in the ocean.” 

Miguel was in training for months before he attempted the record and this documentary was with him every step of the way.  After his attempt in April, he said that “This world record attempt was one of the most difficult challenges of my career. PRESSURE shows the process I was immersed in weeks before the record day. Full of emotions and beauty.” Definitely go check it out here.

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