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Freediving Guide - Learn How to Freedive

Welcome to the Freedive-Earth How to Freedive Guide.  Below you will find guides on all different aspects of Freediving, starting with a basic introduction.  As you move through the rest of the materials, you can also find more advanced teachings and theories.  The categories are displayed on the right-hand side of this page and will help you navigate through the different subject.  Stay tuned for regular updates to the guides and new topics.  


Learn how to breath with our Freedive Earth guide

In this section we're going to look at how the amount of air we take in with the final breath affects the amount of oxygen we take down, and discuss some ways of measuring the relevant lung volumes.


How Long Can You Really Hold Your Breath-Part5?

Part 5 - The Final Reckoning

How Long Can You Really Hold Your Breath-Part4?

Part 4 - Muscle Power

How Long Can You Really Hold Your Breath-Part3?

Part 3 - Blood is Much Thicker Than Water

How Long Can You Really Hold Your Breath-Part1?


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