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The Freediver

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The Freediver

Enjoy the clear warm water of the Mediterranean sea of Cyprus!

Discover the beauty of the amazing underwater world!

Learn how to be like a dolphin

You don’t need to be a professional swimmer, certified scuba diver, or spearfishing veteran in order to enjoy this amazing and relaxed sport. All that is required is to be able to swim, and enjoy being in the water!

If you are interested in exploring the incredible sport of Freediving, simply sign up for our Try Freediving program, or sign up for a beginner course AIDA ** Freediver or SSI Level 1.

It might just change your life!

Are you already a freediver or spearfisher? Do you want to develop your skills, knowledge, build up your freediving experience and get more pleasure out of freediving? You can continue your education with us and sign up for our advanced freediving course AIDA *** Freediver or SSI Level 2 .

We offer personal training session in Pool and at the Sea for certified freedivers who want to improve their depth or any other skills.

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