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At Big Blue Freediving, we focus on training individuals to become confident freedivers. We believe that Freediving allows you to glide through the ocean and swim through its accessible caves, what we call ‘swim throughs’! Freediving enables you to explore freely and discover our magical underwater world. Freedivers, regardless of age, have the opportunity to experience the ocean like never before!

So why choose Big Blue? Big Blue Freediving is located on the islands most popular beach, known as Sairee, our freediving school is within a resort (Big Blue Diving) and if you train with us, based on availability, accommodation is free!

To top it all off we also have two restaurants and a bar for you to meet up new people and share your experiences!

The team

Rakel, SSI & AIDA Instructor, Big Blue Freediving

RakelRakel was born in Barcelona, Spain in a village in the Pyrenees. A lover of outdoor sports such as climbing, snowboarding, hiking, skating, horseback riding and boxing among others. She discovered her passion for the sea when living several years in Tarragona, on the Mediterranean Sea. Determined to progress in Freediving, she decided to travel to Dahab where she became an AIDA Freediving Instructor and, since, has participated in several competitions. A lover of all modalities of Freediving and an abundance of experience training with many freedivers, some of them the best in this sport.

After a few years in Dahab, Rakel relocated to Beijing, China to teach AIDA courses in swimming pools and deep aquariums in both Beijing and Shanghai. Now after immense experience in China, and missing so much diving in the sea, Rakel has relocated to Koh Tao, Thailand! Rakel completed her SSI Freediving Instructor course and is now duel certified! Rakel can teach in both English and Spanish!

Pilu, SSI Instructor, Big Blue Freedivingfotocarnet

Pilu was borned in a small town called Marcos Juarez, in Cordoba province, Argentina. As a child her parents introduced her to the water, and since then she enjoyed every summer in the sea. Above practising different sports such as water skiing and swiming, rock climbing and circus acrobatie; she also loves to travel around the world and live in different countries.

Her connection with the water is beyond passion. She arrived to Koh Tao to become a Divemaster scubadiving, but before she started her course she discovered freediving. She loved it so much that she wanted to become an instructor and share with others this amazing sport. Also she was determined to "stop watching the fishes in the sea, and become one".

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