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Philosophy of Freediving with Daan Verhoeven

Way back at the beginning of last year we spoke to freediving photographer Daan Verhoeven about… pretty much everything as it turned out.

A gentle giant of a man at well over 6ft tall and with a ready smile, Daan has a reputation for lightness and humour - “telling fart jokes” as he puts it - but stumbling on the original recordings from that interview this week I found myself re-experiencing a different, more sober side to the dappy Dutchman. In this eloquent, beautiful and previously unheard excerpt, Daan talks about his relationship with his father, Cornelis Verhoeven. Cornelis was one of the most prominent Dutch thinkers of the 20th Century, often described as “the deepest man in Holland”, a title that Daan himself has held for very different (or perhaps very similar) reasons.


Cornelis Verhoeven

Daan Verhoeven

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