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Countdown to the Caribbean Cup May 25th

Vertical Blue 2016 (in case you missed the results, you can find them here) ended three weeks ago and we have been going through some major withdrawals.  Luckily, competition season has been in full force with the Australian Pool Freediving Championships, Deja Blue 7, and more, attracting freedivers from all over the globe.  Now, the Caribbean Cup 2016 is starting in a few days.  The Caribbean Cup is the fourth annual international AIDA freediving competition held in Roatan, Bay Island, Honduras from May 25th to June 1st.

More than 20 atheletes are scheduled to join the event. Among them are big names like William Trubridge, Miguel Lozano, Jonny Sunnex, Tomoko Fukuda.  The complete list of athletes can be found on the official competition website here. 

With all the record shattering dives we've seen lately in competition, we're sure the Caribbean Cup will be exceptional in its own right.  Stay tuned to find out more!


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