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3 Days Down, Half Way for the Caribbean Cup 2016

It’s been 3 days for the athletes competing at the Caribbean Cup freediving competition in Roatan.

There have been numberous amazing dives and new national records. Miguel Lozano set a new national record for Spain with a dive to 118M in FIM and Ashley Chapman set a national record for the USA with a CWT dive to 83M. Today is a day off, giving the athletes much needed time to rest. 

Here's a look at the cumulative results after 3 days of competition:

For the women, Tomoko Fukuda from Japan is in first place with a total of 220 points, Sofia Gomez Uribe from Colombia is currently in second place with 159 points, followed closely by Ashley Chapman with 148 points.

On the men's side, Kurt chambers is in the lead with 238 points, followed by Pepe Salcedo from Mexico with 231 points and Kiwi William Trubridge with 191 points.

But do remember, this is only the half way point for the competition.  With more many more dives to go, it's anyone's game!




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