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Nirvana Oceanquest Freediving Competition Starts Tomorrow

The Nirvana Oceanquest competition in San Andres, Colombia is slated to start tomorrow.  The competition will run from the 4th June to the 10th June.  

Nirvana Oceanquest is organized by Franco-Tunisian and Colombian resident Walid Boudhiaf, a freediving instructor at Innersea, who also holds the Tunisian national record with a 102M in FIM.  His passion for freediving comes from his time spearfishing in Tunisia when he was younger. He spent a few years in Roatan, the Bahamas, and Tenerife where he kept on training and became an AIDA instructor.  His first deep dive was in San Andres, Colombia and he immeditaely fell in love with this wonderful caribbean island.  In 2012 he returned to Colombia and created his freediving school Innersea in Medellin and San Andres. He shares his time between the two locations. When he is not teaching, you will see him at the gym or in the pool. For depth training in San Andres, Nirvana cliff is his spot.  In all, San Andres is a perfect location to run a freediving competition, with its crystal water, more than 200m of depth, no current, and its proximity to shore. 

17 athletes will join the Nirvana Oceanquest competition.  There will be 6 days of diving, with one day off in between.  The complete list is below:


Carla Hanson, president at AIDA international, will be the main AIDA judge.

Good luck to all the athletes and dive safe!

Photo by Laura from Argentina, her website.

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